Lumberjack Leaders

Thank you for your dedication and involvement with Lumberjack Leaders. In order to make this program successful for all, there needs to be rules and expectations everyone must abide by.

A level of conduct is expected of all participants that requires self-control, individual decision-making and responsibility. Being responsible for one’s own behavior at all times is a necessary part of self-government.

By choosing to participate in Lumberjack Leaders, it is expected each individual has read, understands and agrees to follow the Code of Conduct.

Each person MUST recognize his or her failure to carry out the Code of Conduct may lead to his or her dismissal from the program.

In general, the behavior that is expected can be summarized in these three points:
1. Treat others as one wants to be treated.
2. Be safe at all times- refrain from being hurtful to any person, place or thing.
3. Make good choices - be helpful to others, keep meetings places clean and safe, and be respectful of everyone.

Following the Code of Conduct will ensure everyone will remain safe and be respected. Lumberjack Leaders is designed to be a positive modeling experience for all involved. Remember YOU represent OAKWOOD at all times!

Code of Conduct

1. Each member shall conduct him or her self in an orderly and responsible manner. Personal behavior affects the quality of Lumberjack Leaders. Remember you are a role model ALL YEAR!
2. Participation in all parts of Lumberjack Leaders shall be maintained on an intellectual and productive level. Remember to keep on top of your academic work as well as the tasks you will have as a leader. When one person does not follow through on a task, everyone suffers!
3. Each member shall attend all scheduled program functions, activities, meetings, etc. If you cannot attend, you MUST tell an advisor prior to the meeting. Unless you are on the absence list, you are expected to be at ALL meetings. Three unexcused absences will lead to your dismissal from the program.
4. Be ON TIME and participate in all posted activities. We need your support and enthusiasm!
5. Be respectful in maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of information of other members. Some members may not want their conversations shared with others. Please be mindful of that. If there is something that you believe is harmful to that person or another person, you MUST tell an advisor immediately so that it can be dealt with appropriately.
6. Harassment or intimidation by words, gestures, body language, or any other menacing behavior will not be tolerated. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Failure to follow the above Code of Conduct can lead to your dismissal from Lumberjack Leaders at the advisors’ discretion. Remember you all were chosen as leaders because you possess the qualities leaders should have. Advisors and teacher mentors will be supporting you in strengthening these qualities so you can be the best leader you can be. Never hesitate to ask for help or support!

Each Lumberjack Leader must sign and complete the Code of Conduct form.

Meeting Dates

Tuesday, Sept. 11
Thursday, Nov. 29
Thursday, Jan. 10
Thursday, Jan. 24
Monday, Feb. 11
Monday, March 11
Monday, April 1
Tuesday, April 2
Monday, April 15
Monday, April 22
Monday, April 29
Thursday, May 23