Student Activities

For more information on the clubs and activities available, click on the name of the group (if the group has a web page or Facebook page, you will be directed there for the latest information). You can also contact the club/activity advisor by clicking on the person's name.

Junior High Students Only

Art Club  (Inactive for 2020-2021)
Kristie Savino

Academic Team
Ian Callon

Girl Talk
Leslie Blythe
Crystal Melchor

Junior High Play
Ashley Leasure

Junior High Yearbook
Heather McGlothen
Katie Poppa

Lumberjack Leaders
(Google Classroom code uod5kvt)
Kristie Savino
Sally Harper
Hilary Waugh

Heather McGlothen
Katie Poppa

Power of the Pen
(Google Classroom code umrqoqw)

Mindy Hoffer

Student Council
Bridget Fiore
Mindy Hoffer

Washington DC Excursion
Jennifer Simpson
Heather McGlothen


Junior and Senior High Students

BOLD (Building Our Lives Drug-Free)
Joan Bline

Book Squad (Inactive for 2020-2021)
Mindi Ashworth

Circle of Friends
Kristin Bull-Freeman
Becky Sledge

Debbie Madison

Ecology Club
Amy Smith

Femineering Club 
(Inactive for 2020-2021)
Christina Davis
Brian Hartt
Tony Rainsberger

Girls Who Code Club
Debbie Madison

Amy Ostdiek

Lumberjack Theatre
Ashley Leasure
Taylor Wadham

Muse Machine
Joni Sherk

Spanish Club
Helen Gustke