2020-2021 FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the Oakwood Junior High School

·       When does school start this year?
        School will start on Tuesday, August 11th.

·       Is there a set school supply list?
        Yes, you can find the school supply list on the website:  http://ojh.oakwoodschools.org
        Check your student’s schedule for teacher names and go to the School Supply Link on the OJH webpage.

·       How do I find out about co-curricular and extra-curricular activities?
        The website is a great place to find information about these activities.

·       How does the hour-long open lunch work?
        We do have a cafeteria that serves items a la carte. Our cafeteria has a point of sale system that uses a student PIN       
        (Personal Identification Number), which will remain the same throughout your child’s school years. Your child’s
        PIN is a four or five digit number that is found on the top-right corner of their schedule in the box labeled “NUMBER”;
         please have them memorize this number. (More information regarding the point of sale system EZpay can be found     
         on the OJH website or in your child’s 1st day packet.)

         The stadium and practice field on nice days (and the gym on rainy/cold days) will be open during the lunch hour for     
         students, as long as students clean up their lunch trash.  Students will lose this privilege if they do not clean up   
         after themselves. Because we have many meetings with teachers and students, students are not permitted in the Junior
         High hall until after 12:30 during the lunch hour.  There is no note required if students want to leave the school during the
         lunch hour.

·       What if I’m sick or have an appointment?

  1. How to Report an Absence

When your junior high student will be absent for a portion of the morning or the entire day, please telephone the Attendance Office (not the Jr. High Office) at 937-297-5330 before 8:30 a.m.  If your student will be absent for a portion or the entire afternoon, please telephone before 1:00 p.m.  The following information is requested at the time of the call:  1) name of the person making the call, 2) name of the student, 3) grade level, 4) specific reason for absence, and 5) anticipated duration of absence.

A student whose parent has not notified the school of an absence by telephone must submit a parental excuse note to the attendance office immediately upon his return to school or the absence will be considered unexcused.

2. Appointments During the School Day

If your child has a dental, medical, or other professional appointment, please send your child with a parental note prior to the appointment or call the attendance office at 937-297-5330 and state the time you would like to pick up your child for the appointment (not the appointment time). The Attendance Office will deliver an excuse slip to the student, which will excuse him/her from class at the appropriate time. The student may then leave the building to be picked up by the parent. You as a parent do not need to come into the building to “sign” your child out. Your child will come out and meet you at your car. Please make prior arrangements with your child for pick up location. If the Attendance Office line is busy, there is an answering machine for you to leave your message regarding the early dismissal. This answering machine is monitored on a regular basis by Mrs. McCray. This procedure is all handled through the Attendance Office, not the Jr. High Office.

·       What if I’m late to school in the morning or coming back from lunch?
         If you are tardy, you are to report to Mrs. McCray in the Attendance/Athletic Office.

·       What do I do if I have a problem with my locker?
         If you can’t get your locker open or you have forgotten your combination just ask any nearby teacher or come to the Junior
         High office and someone will be happy to help you.

·       What if I have a problem with my schedule?
         If you think you have a serious problem with your schedule – maybe you’re in the wrong type of math class or you’re in
         band instead of orchestra – then you need to speak to the counselor, Miss Waugh.                                                                            

·       What if I have a question and I can’t find the answer, what should I do?
         If you can’t find the answer to your question, someone in the Junior High office will be happy to help you.