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Registration and Residency

In addition to filling out forms below, please contact your school(s) of attendance, in order for us to prepare for your student’s registration and arrival. The processing of registration paperwork takes approximately 48 hours. Students are unable to attend until this process is complete at the building level.

Lange School 937-299-8730
Harman School 937-297-5338
Smith Elementary 937-297-5335
Oakwood Junior High 937-297-5328
Oakwood High School 937-297-5326

For more information on residency guidelines, go to our Residency page.

If you cannot reach someone during a holiday/summer break, you can call Cathie Newburg at the Board of Education Office at 937-297-7802.

Residency/Admission Guidelines

Documents Required For Registration

Student Registration Form

Release of Records

Identification Referral Form

Home Language Survey

Student Contact and Information Form

Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety Agreement

Health Information Form

Immunization Form

Parent Release for Administration of Medication

Medical Provider Release for Administration of Medication

Free and Reduced Lunch Forms

Request to Revoke Consent