OJH Bulletin 2021-2022


2021-2022 BULLETIN

Welcome to Oakwood Junior High School.  The purpose of this bulletin is to provide information to both you and your parents concerning some of the important aspects of your school.  If you have any questions that have not been answered to your satisfaction, please contact your counselor or principal.  The school telephone number is 297-5328.                                                                    

Hilary Waugh, Counselor

Timothy D. Badenhop, Principal



  • Thursday, Sept. 2, 2021
    • 5:30 p.m. - 7 p.m. - OJH Open House - more details will be included in an upcoming email (if you haven’t already, please be sure to sign up to receive emails from us on our website)


The school day begins at 8:15 a.m. and ends at 3:15 p.m.  Each day consists of seven periods plus a Timber period, class change times of four minutes each, and a lunch period of one hour.  Your schedule will be explained to you in detail on the first day of school, Wednesday, August 25.

On every other day except for the very first day of school, your day will begin with your first period class.  During the first day of school, we will hold a special “Timber” to help all of our students feel comfortable in the new school year.  On the first day of school you should report to your Timber period class at the beginning of the day.  Starting on Thursday, August 26, you will follow the regular schedule on a daily basis – begin in 1st period, and go straight through to 7th period.



                                   Regular                   Pep Rally                Early Dismiss              One Hour                Two Hour
                                  Schedule                  Schedule                    Schedule                      Delay                  Delay/Testing

1st  Period               8:15 – 9:00              8:15 – 9:03               8:15 – 8:42                 9:15 – 9:53            10:15 – 10:46

2nd Period              9:04 – 9:49              9:07 – 9:55               8:46 – 9:13                 9:57–10:35            10:50 – 11:21

3rd Period               9:53–10:38              9:59 –10:51               9:17 – 9:44                 10:39–11:20          11:25 – 11:59

4th Period               10:42–11:27             10:55–11:43              9:48–10:15                 11:24–12:02           12:59 –   1:30

Timber                    11:31–11:52                     N/A                          N/A                                  N/A                         N/A

Lunch                      11:52–12:52             11:43–12:43                   N/A                          12:02 –1:02            11:59 – 12:59

5th Period                12:52 –1:37             12:43 – 1:20               10:19–10:46                 1:02 – 1:43             1:34 –   2:05

6th Period                 1:41 –  2:26             1:24  –  2:01              10:50–11:17                   1:47 – 2:29            2:09 –   2:40

7th Period                 2:30 –  3:15             2:05  – 2:41               11:21–11:48                   2:33 – 3:15            2:44 –   3:15

                                                                      2:45 - Pep Rally



All tickets and passes for athletic events are available for purchase online only at 



Riders of bicycles and skate/long boards should park them in the area under the south end of the stadium. Although a security camera monitoring system is used in the bike rack area, it is important that you always securely lock your bike or board. Students are expected to lock their bicycles/boards with their own individual locks to provide security of their bicycles/boards.


No student schedules will be changed prior to the second day of school.  Your course selections were made by you after careful study, and any changes made now should be done only after the same careful examination.  After the first day of school, requests for changes in class schedule are to be made in writing to your counselor.  The request must be signed by a parent.


Oakwood Junior High School is dedicated to creating a respectful environment that promotes an atmosphere conducive to learning and teaching. Proper attire fosters positive behavior and proper demeanor. Therefore, the following dress expectations will be enforced:

1. Clothing and accessories should not:

  • be distracting or disruptive
  • present danger to the student’s health or safety
  • reference or promote the use of alcohol, controlled substances, tobacco or drugs
  • disrespect or discriminate against ethnic, cultural, gender, sexual or religious differences.
  • be vulgar, suggestive or offensive

2. The following are not appropriate for the school setting:

  • any top which does not appropriately cover the upper torso
  • bare midriffs (no skin shall be visible between the blouse or shirt and the item covering the lower body)
  • extremely short skirts or shorts
  • exposed undergarments (bra straps, boxer shorts, etc.)

3. Shoes must be worn at all times in the classrooms and hallways.


Report cards are issued to the student every quarter with letter grades of A,B,C,D, and F used to indicate progress.  An incomplete (I) indicates that the student's work has not been completed for the grading period. The schedule of grading periods follows.  Grade cards are not mailed out but can be viewed and printed off in ProgressBook each quarter at the end of the first week following the end of each grading period.  

October 15                  End of first quarter

December 17              End of second quarter; end of first semester

March 18                    End of third quarter

June 9                         End of fourth quarter; end of second semester

Exam Dates:               December 15,16,17 and June 7,8,9 


The primary function of the Guidance Department is to administer to the best interests of the individual student.  Counselors meet with both students and parents during the junior high years.  Your teachers, your counselor, and your principal are available to assist you, as well as the school nurse, the school psychologist, and the speech and hearing therapist.


No school will be held on the following days:

September 3                                                              Dismissal at 11:43 a.m./PD 1/2 Day

September 6                                                              Labor Day

October 15                                                                  Dismissal at 11:43 a.m./PD 1/2 Day

November 1                                                                Full PD Day/No School all day

November 24                                                             Parent/Teacher Conference Exchange Day 

November 25 & 26                                                     Thanksgiving Break

December 20 through January 2                               Early Winter Break

January 17                                                                  Martin Luther King Day

February 18                                                                Dismissal at 11:43 a.m./PD 1/2 Day

February 21                                                                President’s Day

February 22 through February 25                             Late Winter Break

March 25                                                                    Full PD Day/No School all day

March 28 through April 1                                           Spring Break

May 27                                                                        Dismissal at 11:43 a.m./PD 1/2 Day

May 30                                                                       Memorial Day            


Each student is provided a hall locker for the safekeeping of books and personal belongings. Students are to use assigned lockers only and are responsible for the security of the locker combination given to them (please do not share your combination with anyone).  Students are responsible for the upkeep and cleanliness of their own lockers.  Writing on either the inside or outside of the lockers is forbidden as well as putting stickers on either the inside or outside of the lockers.  Open food containers should not be kept in the lockers, as this will attract ants. All items are to be kept in lockers and not on the floor in the halls (items left in the halls and on the floors may be found in the Lost and Found). It is suggested to take a picture of the locker combination (from the schedule) with a phone in case it is forgotten.


Lost and found items may be located in the Athletic/Attendance Office, the Jr. High Office, outside the Cafeteria in the hallway, and in the Pit locker room hallway.


At the beginning of the school year, our lunch offering will be the same as it was at the end of the school year: Free sack lunches will be available through the USDA program initiated during COVID. These can be picked up daily outside the cafeteria. Students may also pack a lunch or go home during the lunch hour. 

In terms of seating, OJH and OHS students who stay at school may eat outdoors (including the Portico and the stadium bleachers as long as the areas are kept clean), in the cafeteria, or in the west gym. 


Specific regulations and procedures concerning dress, lockers, excuses, and grading will be discussed during the first class.  All students must participate in physical education unless prohibited from doing so by their physician.


Physical examinations and a FinalForm account are necessary for junior high students who plan to participate in the interscholastic athletic program. Physicals are valid for one year. Any questions, please contact the Athletic Department at 297-5342.


School fees are listed on student schedules and through ProgressBook Parent Access. Fees can be submitted by cash or check to the school office, but please be sure to make checks payable to OJH or Oakwood City Schools and include the student’s first and last name and grade level on the memo line. If preferred, fees can also be paid online using the EZPay system. You can find more information at Oakwood's EZPay Page.


All textbooks are provided by the Board of Education.  Students are expected to take proper care of the books and will be charged for any loss or damage.