Exam Schedules

OJH 1st Semester Exams

Semester exams will be held December 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th, please see the schedule below. Students will come in during the same portion of the day as s/he is currently attending, and there will be two 90-minute periods each of those days. Though all courses for high school credit and many core courses will have a summative assessment in some form or fashion, junior high teachers do have the permission and encouragement to use that time flexibly depending on what is best for his/her students. Given that we've had less in-person time than normal this semester, the 90 minutes could be spent on exam, review, new instruction, project, presentation, or a combination of these. In any case, the teachers will communicate intentions for this time as exam week approaches. Please be sure to ask your son or daughter about this in the weeks ahead so that you can help plan and prepare as needed.


Exam Schedule First Semester 2020-2021