Attendance Office

Please call the attendance office at 937-297-5330 if your child has to miss school for any reason. While we appreciate as much notice as possible concerning appointments, the attendance line is monitored throughout the school day, so feel free to leave a message. Your request will be acted on within a few minutes. You may also send a note in with your student to the attendance office. Your child will be given a slip to show his or her teacher when it's time to leave class.
Student Vacations During The School Year

Whenever a proposed absence-for-vacation is requested, parents must discuss it with the building administrator in advance. The length of absence should be made clear, and those involved should have an opportunity to express their views on the potential effects of the absence.

The District will only excuse a student’s absence for a vacation when the principal has been informed in advance and the student will be in the company of his/her own parent or other family relatives, or if there are extenuating circumstances deemed appropriate by the principal.

If the principal does not excuse the absence, the student’s absence will be considered unexcused and subject to truancy regulations.

If the absence is excused, the student may be given approximate assignments and materials and pages to be completed, based upon applicable due dates (per student handbook).

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Family Trip Form - Must have prior principal approval before filling out form.